Chicken Salad for dieters

1 skinless boneless chicken breast per person

Crunchy lettuce/rocket/salad/baby gem
Cherry/baby plum tomatoes
Red onion
Boiled egg
Spray balsamic
Sugarsnap peas

Put 1TBSP paprika into a bowl
Add 2 TBSP flour
Add 1 tsp Sugar
Add 1 tsp Salt

Stir well.

Slice chicken into smaller pieces, then throw into flour mixture and coat completely. Place coated chicken into George Foreman for approx 5 minutes, or until cooked through. This will dispense of any fat and also make the coat crispy and the inside tender. I am in love with my George Foreman.

Toss into salad with other ingredients. Add baby or new potatoes if required. Squeeze lemon over the top and spray with balsamic.

Optional add on for boys: Make a dressing using mustard, mayo and lemon juice for a naughtier ceasar type dressing.

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