Drunken Mushrooms on Toast

This is a weird one. I made it with a friend at 2am one night because its all we had in the fridge, dear lord it was awesome. Takes about ten minutes. Also awesome for breakfast :)

15 mushrooms - the darker the better
2+ TBSP half fat creme fraise
1 TBSP paprika

Chop the mushies into quarters (depending on the size) and throw into a pan with a little bit of olive oil. Slowly cook until the mushrooms start to get juicy but not QUITE cooked through (boo to soggy mushies). Add the paprika, a touch of salt and pepper and and continue to fry slowly, there should be tonnes of mushroom stock with a orangy colour from the paprika - if not add a dash of water and cover. When the mushies are al dente, add the creme fraise and warm through. You should have a thick, creamy sauce loaded with mushrooms. Pop onto vogels toast and blast with fresh flat-leaf parsley, salt and pepper.

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